Permohononan Pengesyoran MyFuturejobs Bagi Penggajian Pekerja Asing dan Pegawai Dagang

Read more: Permohononan Pengesyoran MyFuturejobs Bagi Penggajian Pekerja Asing dan Pegawai Dagang

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EIS Coverage

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  • All employers in the private sector are required to pay monthly contributions for each of their employees. (Government employees, domestic workers and the self-employed are exempted).
  • An employee is defined as a person who is employed for wages under a contract of service or apprenticeship with an employer. The contract of service or apprenticeship may be expressed or implied and may be oral or in writing.
  • All employees aged 18 to 60 are required to contribute. However, employees aged 57 and above who have no prior contributions before the age of 57 are exempted.
  • Contribution rates are capped at insured salary of RM4000.00.







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Vision and Mission

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To provide state-of-the-art public employment services (PES), labor market information (LMI) and unemployment benefits to the Malaysian workforce with the aim of promoting full employment.

Our mission is to:
1. Provide immediate financial benefits and upskilling opportunities to workers who have lost their jobs
2. Assist workers with finding suitable employment based on their skills and interests
3. Assist employers with filling vacancies with the best candidates
4. Provide up-to-date and comprehensive Labor Market Information (LMI) to policymakers
Advise educational and training institutes on the employment outlook and required skills for various professions

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