Benefit Application

At the moment, all benefit applications must be submitted to the nearest PERKESO office to be reviewed and verified by our officers. However, PERKESO will continue to improvise the customer experience to make it easier for you to engage with us. The following is the general process for benefit application.

Step 1

Download the prescribed forms according to the type of benefit you want to apply (Refer below).

Step 2

Complete all sections that the applicant is required to complete and provide the supporting documents listed in the guide. Kindly refer to the guideline below for Borang 34.

Borang 34

Borang 34 Guideline

Step 3

Submit the form to your employer if there is any section that needs to be filled by the employer (refer Borang 34 Guideline).

Step 4

There two methods of submission:

  1. Submit the forms and supporting documents at the nearest PERKESO office counter.
  2. Submit the forms and supporting documents that you have scanned to your employer to be submitted to PERKESO via the Benefit Application Portal.

Benefit Application Portal

The following are the forms that have been arranged according to the type of benefit. Download all the forms according to the type of benefit you want to apply. The forms are only available in Bahasa Malaysia, hence if you have trouble understanding the forms you can contact PERKESO via any available channel or have someone who understands the language to help you complete the forms.

Note: For Borang 34, you only need to complete the part that has been marked with (✓).

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