Employment Injury Scheme

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Employment Injury Scheme provides protection to an employee against accident or an occupational disease arising out of and in the course of his employment. The protection under this scheme covers the following:

  • Industrial accident
  • Commuting accident

    - on a route between his place of residence or stay and his place of work
    - on a journey made for any reason which is directly connected to his employment
    - on a journey between his place of work and the place where he takes his meal during any authorized recess

    Note : An accident that occurs during any interruption or deviation shall not be deemed to arise out of and in the course of his employment.

  • Accident during emergency
    Accident which occurs during an emergency at the employer’s premises while in the course of assisting, rescuing, or protecting other people from disaster or danger during an emergency.
  • Occupational diseases
    Diseases resulted from his occupation as described in the Fifth Schedule of Employees’ Social Security Act 1969.

    Amongst the occupational diseases include: 
  • Loss of hearing due to continuous excessive noise exposure
  • Occupational asthma due to work involving constant exposure to the inhalation of dust or harmful chemical and etc

Benefits under The Employment Injury Scheme


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