Complaints Via SMS

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SOCSO has prepared a mobile phone platform for complaints to be sent via SMS. Follow the instructions below to send your complaints via SMS to SOCSO .

Type : PERKESO ADUAN [Identification Card No] [your complaint details] Send to 15888

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Tender & Quotation Evaluations

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Social Security Appellate Board

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  • The Social Security Appellate Board’s role is to adjudicate disputes and claims by the Organization, employers, employees and their dependants in connection with the matters set out in Section 84 of the Employees's Social Security Act 1969 and Section 59 Employment Insurance System Act 2017.

  • The applicant may be represented by a legal practitioner or by an officer of a registered trade union authorized in writing by such person or with the permission of the Board, by any other person so authorized. Application must be made within three years from the date on which the cause of action arose.

  • A total of eleven (11) Boards had been established, nine (9) in Peninsular Malaysia and one each in Sabah and Sarawak. The members of this Board are appointed by the Minister of Human Resource.

  • All applications for an appeal to the Board shall be submitted to the Secretariat at the following address:

    The Secretariat
    Social Security Appellate Board
    Tingkat 11, Menara PERKESO
    281, Jalan Ampang
    50538 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel: 03-4264 5134/5081/5086/5036/5048
    Fax: 03-42563760





No. Tel



Puan Jamilah binti A Bakar

Administrative Officer

03 - 4264 5050



Roslan bin Said

Executive Officer

03 - 4264 5134

3 Mohd Farid bin Omar Executive Office 03 - 4264 5086 farid.omar
4 Misliah Binti Misman Executive Officer 03 - 4264 5036 misliah.misman
5 Safrizal Bin Hisham Shunmugam Executive Officer 03 - 4264 5081 safrizal.hisham

 ** Please add at each e-mail.

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Directives / Circulars

Read more: Directives / Circulars

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Internet Banking


Internet Banking is one of the method of paying SOCSO monthly contributions via internet banking. Employers are encouraged to use this easy and convenient service because employer and employee contribution data can now be submitted together with online payment.


Why Internet Banking?

  1. Saves costs.
  2. Quick and immediate updating and processing of employer and employee data at the SOCSO database.
  3. Safe and efficient.
  4. Enhances productivity.
  5. Competitive nationally.
  6. Reduces the cost of printing manuals and cheques.
  7. Reduces cost of transport, security, fraud and theft.
  8. Reduces staff and administrative costs
  9. Reduces business operating costs as banking transactions can be done at work place.



Before And After Using Internet Banking 


Before After
Physical payment documents Physical payment documents
Checking and endorsing physical payment documents Checking and endorsing physical payment documents
Key-in into the accounting system Key-in into the accounting system
Print cheques -
Check & endorse cheque -
Sign cheque -
Making payment to SOCSO / bank -
Problem of lost cheques / not cashes cheques -



Six (6) easy steps to use Internet Banking


  1. The employer needs to open an account with any of the banks listed below.
  2. The employer has to submit a completed application form and name the employee who has to make the payment.
  3. The employer must register for this service by contacting the branch where the bank account is opened.
  4. The employer has to submit SOCSO contribution data in the required format to the bank for assessment.
  5. The bank will review and assess the SOCSO contribution data that is submitted. Employers will be notified by the bank if the assessment is successful.
  6. Once the assessment is successful, the employer can now upload SOCSO contribution data with the easy payment instructions for each month.



List of Banks For Internet Banking Facility

1 CIMB Bank Berhad BizChannel
2 Maybank Berhad
3 Public Bank Berhad
4 RHB Bank Berhad RHB Reflex
5 Citibank Berhad CitiConnect
6 Hong Leong Bank Berhad ConnectFirst/Connect Biz
7 AmBank Malaysia Berhad E-Ambiz
8 Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad BizSmart
9 Affin Bank affinonline
10 HSBC Bank (M) Berhad HSBCnet
11 Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad e-Banker
12 Agro Bank AGRONet
13 UOB Bank UOB Business Internet Banking
14 Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad Corporate Internet Banking (i-Biz)
15 Standard Chartered Malaysia Straight2Bank
16 OCBC Bank (M) Berhad Velocity@ocbc
17 Bank Rakyat  


For more information, please contact Customer Relation Management Centre at 1 300 22 8000






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