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Whistleblowing Protection Policies

Social Security Organization (SOCSO) has implemented Whistleblower Protection Policies in the organisation as part of its staunch efforts at combating fraud and wrongdoings.

Secrecy and the Whistleblowers Protection

The identity of the whistleblower will be protected and kept confidential unless required by law or for the purposes of any proceedings. Identity and personal information may be disclosed to the whistleblower individuals involved in the investigation but subject to the approval of the whistleblower.

Sincere Acting

SOCSO will provide protection from retaliation for whistleblowers where disclosure is made in good faith, given the correct information and the disclosure is not done for profit or personal gain. SOCSO seriously any prosecution false, malicious, defamatory or in any appropriate action may be taken.

Making Report

The Whistleblowing & Anti-Fraud channels are as follows :



Mail to
Bahagian Integriti
Tingkat 18, Menara PERKESO
281, Jalan Ampang
Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial(PERKESO)
50538 Kuala Lumpur




Hotline Whistle Blowing
03-4264 5000 Extension 5170/5182



Handphone Number

i. Mr Roslan Bin Pilus (012-6050308)




03 - 42510295




i. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In order to investigate the suspected or instances of wrongdoing, the complaint should be factual rather than speculative, and contain as much specific information as possible for proper assessment of the nature, extent and urgency of the matter that is the subject of the complaint

Types of Misconduct

  • Whistleblowers can report any complaints or misconduct, including, but not limited to the following :
    The incidence of fraud, corruption or bribery
  • Treatment or activity that violates any law or regulatory obligations
  • Violate policies, practices, procedures or rules of SOCSO
  • Errors in matters of financial reporting
  • Abuse Information SOCSO
  • Theft of inventory or assets
  • Any action conflicts of interest with suppliers, vendors or contractors
  • Any errors that harm where the treatment is contrary to the interests

Complaint e-mail to Pengurus Bahagian Integriti (Mr Othman Bin Mohd Nordin)

Complaint e-mail to Pengurus Cawangan Pengukuhan  (Mr Roslan Bin Pilus)

Complaint e-mail to Pengurus Cawangan Pengukuhan (Mr Roslan Bin Pilus)

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Whistle Blower Protection Act 2010

In the event that there are discrepancies between this policy and the whistleblower Protection Act 2010, the Act shall prevail







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