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EIS Contribution Rate



  • The contribution rate for Employment Insurance System (EIS) is 0.2% for the employer and 0.2% for employee based on the employee’s monthly salary.
  • The Contribution rate is based on Section 18 and Schedule 2 of the Employment Insurance System Act 2017. All employers in the private sector whose employees are covered under the Act are required to pay contributions on behalf of their employees. (Exempted for Federal and State Government permanent employees, Domestic servant and self-employed)


Second Schedule : Contribution Rates


Monthly Wages Employer’s Contribution Employee’s Contribution Total
Wages up to RM30 5 sen 5 sen 10 sen
When wages exceed RM30 but not exceed RM50 10 sen 10 sen 20 sen
When wages exceed RM50 but not exceed RM70 15 sen 15 sen 30 sen
When wages exceed RM70 but not exceed RM100 20 sen 20 sen 40 sen
When wages exceed RM100 but not exceed RM140 25 sen 25 sen 50 sen
When wages exceed RM140 but not exceed RM200 35 sen 35 sen 70 sen
When wages exceed RM200 but not exceed RM300 50 sen 50 sen RM1.00
When wages exceed RM300 but not exceed RM400 70 sen 70 sen RM1.40
When wages exceed RM400 but not exceed RM500 90 sen 90 sen RM1.80
When wages exceed RM500 but not exceed RM600 RM1.10 RM1.10 RM2.20
When wages exceed RM600 but not exceed RM700 RM1.30 RM1.30 RM2.60
When wages exceed RM700 but not exceed RM800 RM1.50 RM1.50 RM3.00
When wages exceed RM800 but not exceed RM900 RM1.70 RM1.70 RM3.40
When wages exceed RM900 but not exceed RM1,000 RM1.90 RM1.90 RM3.80
When wages exceed RM1,000 but not exceed RM1,100 RM2.10 RM2.10 RM4.20
When wages exceed RM1,100 but not exceed RM1,200 RM2.30 RM2.30 RM4.60
When wages exceed RM1,200 but not exceed RM1,300 RM2.50 RM2.50 RM5.00
When wages exceed RM1,300 but not exceed RM1,400 RM2.70 RM2.70 RM5.40
When wages exceed RM1,400 but not exceed RM1,500 RM2.90 RM2.90 RM5.80
When wages exceed RM1,500 but not exceed RM1,600 RM3.10 RM3.10 RM6.20
When wages exceed RM1,600 but not exceed RM1,700 RM3.30 RM3.30 RM6.60
When wages exceed RM1,700 but not exceed RM1,800 RM3.50 RM3.50 RM7.00
When wages exceed RM1,800 but not exceed RM1,900 RM3.70 RM3.70 RM7.40
When wages exceed RM1,900 but not exceed RM2,000 RM3.90 RM3.90 RM7.80
When wages exceed RM2,000 but not exceed RM2,100 RM4.10 RM4.10 RM8.20
When wages exceed RM2,100 but not exceed RM2,200 RM4.30 RM4.30 RM8.60
When wages exceed RM2,200 but not exceed RM2,300 RM4.50 RM4.50 RM9.00
When wages exceed RM2,300 but not exceed RM2,400 RM4.70 RM4.70 RM9.40
When wages exceed RM2,400 but not exceed RM2,500 RM4.90 RM4.90 RM9.80
When wages exceed RM2,500 but not exceed RM2,600 RM5.10 RM5.10 RM10.20
When wages exceed RM2,600 but not exceed RM2,700 RM5.30 RM5.30 RM10.60
When wages exceed RM2,700 but not exceed RM2,800 RM5.50 RM5.50 RM11.00
When wages exceed RM2,800 but not exceed RM2,900 RM5.70 RM5.70 RM11.40
When wages exceed RM2,900 but not exceed RM3,000 RM5.90 RM5.90 RM11.80
When wages exceed RM3,000 but not exceed RM3,100 RM6.10 RM6.10 RM12.20
When wages exceed RM3,100 but not exceed RM3,200 RM6.30 RM6.30 RM12.60
When wages exceed RM3,200 but not exceed RM3,300 RM6.50 RM6.50 RM13.00
When wages exceed RM3,300 but not exceed RM3,400 RM6.70 RM6.70 RM13.40
When wages exceed RM3,400 but not exceed RM3,500 RM6.90 RM6.90 RM13.80
When wages exceed RM3,500 but not exceed RM3,600 RM7.10 RM7.10 RM14.20
When wages exceed RM3,600 but not exceed RM3,700 RM7.30 RM7.30 RM14.60
When wages exceed RM3,700 but not exceed RM3,800 RM7.50 RM7.50 RM15.00
When wages exceed RM3,800 but not exceed RM3,900 RM7.70 RM7.70 RM15.40
When wages exceed RM3,900 but not exceed RM4,000 RM7.90 RM7.90 RM15.80
When wages exceed RM4,000 RM7.90 RM7.90 RM15.80





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