Registration of New Employer and Employee

New employer and employee must be registered with SOCSO within 30 days upon hiring a new employee. For registration purpose, an employer is required to complete the Employer’s Registration Form (Form 1) and Employee’s Registration Form (Form 2) alongside other online documents in the ASSIST Portal. Any changes regarding the name / address / type / status of ownership of the company or employee can be made via the ASSIST Portal. SOCSO will only use the Identity Card Number issued by the National Registration Department for all matters and no longer uses the Social Security Number. 

Registration Process

Step 2 (Complete Forms)

Complete forms listed in Step 1.

Scan the filled forms separately.

Prepare a copy of the following documents:

Step 3 (Get ID)

Get ID to upload the documents into system (ASSIST system) - email the Borang Permohonan Enrolment Penggunaan Portal ASSIST to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your ID and temporary password will be emailed to you.

Step 4 (Upload Forms)

Login to the ASSIST using the ID that has been emailed to you and upload the registration forms along with the supportive documents (refer Step 1 and Step 2).

For reference, please refer to our Panduan Pendaftaran Portal ASSIST

Cessation of Being An Employer 

Any employer who ceases to be an employer is required to submit an application by uploading a completed Form 1A together with the relevant documents within 30 days from cessation via ASSIST Portal. 

Employees's Record

Every employer shall maintain a monthly record with following particulars for each employee:

i.   Name
ii.  National Registration Identity Card Number
iii. Occupation
iv. Contribution details
v.  Monthly wages
vi. Allowances

The employees record shall be maintained for seven (7) years from last entry date.

Definition Of Wages:

Any  remuneration payable in money to an employee is taken as wages for purposes of SOCSO contributions. This includes the following payments:

  1. Salary
  2. Overtime payments
  3. Commission and service charge
  4. Payments for leave; such as annual, sick, maternity, rest day,
    public holidays and etc
  5. Allowances such as incentives, shift, food / meal, cost of living, housing and etc

All payments made to an employee paid at an hourly rate, daily rate, weekly rate, piece or task rate is considered as wages. However the following payments are not considered as wages:

  1. Payments by an employer to any statutory fund for employees
  2. Mileage claims
  3. Gratuity payments or payments for dismissal or retrenchments
  4. Annual bonus

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