Dependants' Benefit

 dependants benefit
If an employee dies as a result of an employment injury, his dependants are entitled to this benefit.

Rate of Daily Benefit To Be Paid
Daily rate is 90% of the average assumed daily wage subject to a minimum of RM30.00 per day and a maximum of RM118.50 per day.

Dependants and Daily Rate Share
i. The daily rate share for for Dependants’ Benefit is based on the following priorities:



Dependants Share Of Daily Rate Details

Widow / widower


Receives benefit for life even though widow or widower remarries (on or after 1 May 2005)



An eligible child includes biological, dependant step-child, adopted child, or an illegitimate child is entitled to receive benefit



  • Eligible to receives benefit up to age 21 or marriage (whichever occurs earlier)
  • If the child is currently studying in an institute of higher learning, he/she will receive benefit until the completion of the first degree or marriage (whichever occurs earlier)
  • If a child is mentally retarded or physically incapacitated and is incapable of supporting him/herself, the benefit will be paid as long as the child is unable to support him/herself


ii. If an employee dies and does not leave any widow or widower or children, the Dependants’ Benefit will be paid to:


Dependants Share of Daily Rate Details
Parent 4/10

Eligible receives benefit for life

Brother / Sister 3/10

Eligible receives benefit up to age 21 or marriage (whichever occurs earlier)

Grand parent
(if parents passed away)

Receives benefit for life




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