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1)Q : Am I eligible for coverage under the EIS Act?

A : Information on coverage can be found here.

2)Q : I just lost my employment. Am I eligible to apply for EIS benefits?

A : Information on eligibility to claim benefits can be found here.

3)Q : How do I apply for EIS benefits?

A : You may apply online or in person at any PERKESO office. User guides for online applications can be found here.


4)Q : Do I need to provide any supporting documents when applying?

A : Information on supporting documents can be found here.


5)Q :How do I submit printed documents when applying online?

A :Please scan and upload the relevant documents using the links provided in the application form.


6)Q : What should I do if I experience a technical problem when applying online?

A : Please contact us using the details provided here.


7)S : What should I do if noticed a mistake in my application after submitting it?

A : If you made a mistake regarding your contact details (contact number, address or email address), you may log into the portal to correct it yourself. For all other mistakes, please contact us directly using the details provided here.


8)Q : How do I check the status of my application?

A : Please log into the portal using your case ID and password.


9)Q : My application was rejected. Can I file an appeal?

A : You may appeal to the Social Security Appellate Board. Forms can be obtained at any PERKESO office.


10)Q : I previously received EIS benefits. Am I eligible to claim benefits for a second time? If I am eligible, what conditions must I fulfill?

A :You may apply for benefits for a second time if you fulfill these conditions. Please take special note of the Contributions Qualifying Conditions (CQC) requirement as these vary for subsequent applications.


11)Q : How long will it take for my application to be approve?

A : Your application will normally be approved/rejected within seven (7) working days after submission.


12)Q : When will I get my first payment after my application is approved?

A : You will receive your first payment within seven (7) working days after your application is approved.


13)Q : How much money will I receive?

A : Information on payment rates can be found here.


14)Q : Am I allowed to do volunteer work while I am unemployed and receiving Job Search Allowance (JSA)

A : You are allowed to participate in any activity that does not provide you with income during this period).







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