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Temporary Disablement Benefit

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Period Of Temporary Disablement

Temporary Disablement Benefit is paid for the period the employee is on medical leave certified by a doctor for not less than four (4) days including the day of accident. However, Temporary Disablement Benefit will NOT be paid for the days in which the employee works and earns wages during this period.


  1. Employee must be an insured person under the Act
  2. Accident that occurs to an employee must arise out of and in the course of employment
  3. A Police report is required if an accident occurs to an employee while commuting for employment purposes
  4. Benefits shall be paid based on the days of medical leave that is certified by a doctor. However temporary disablement benefit will NOT be paid for the days in which the employee work and earn wages during this period.

Rate Of Temporary Disablement Benefit

  • Payment rate is equivalent to 80% of the assumed average daily wage of the insured person
    i. The assumed average daily wage is calculated as one-thirtieth (1/30) of the assumed average monthly wages for the insured person
    ii. The assumed average monthly wages is equivalent to the sum of the assumed monthly wages for each of the months for which contributions of the first or second category have been paid or were payable during the continuous period of 6 months immediately preceeding the month in which the employment injury occurred, divided by the number of months for which such contributions were so paid or payable
  • The daily rate is subject to the following:
    i. Minimum of RM30.00 per day (w.e.f. 1 January 2014)
    ii. Maximum of RM105.33 per day

Documents To Be Submitted For Claims

  • 'Borang Butiran Notis dan Tuntutan Faedah' - Form 34
  • Photocopy Of Identity Card (both sides)
  • Original Medical Certificate / Form 13 (Panel Clinic)
  • Photocopy Of Punch Card / Attendance Record / Employer’s verification letter in the absence of punch card
  • Letter Of Consent for obtaining medical report from Hospital

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