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Medical Benefit

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Employees suffering from employment injuries or occupational diseases may receive free medical treatment at SOCSO’s panel clinic or Government clinic / hospital. Treatment must be continued until they are fully recovered.

For serious injuries, medical care may be obtained from the Government hospital and the employee is eligible for second class ward treatment. Specialist treatment will be provided, if required.

Medical treatment at SOCSO Panel Clinics

To receive free medical treatment, employers must submit the following documents to any SOCSO panel clinics during the first treatment:

  1. Borang Butiran Notis dan Tuntutan Faedah - Form 34
  2. Letter of identity from employer
    Letter of identity is prepared by the employer in the instances when Form 34 cannot be completed in time for the employee to receive their first treatment at the SOCSO panel clinics, due to serious or critical injuries. Letter of identity should state:
  • The patient is an insured person under the employment of the employer
  • The employee had an accident during the course of work
  • Form 34 will be presented as soon as possible to the panel clinic

Reimbursement of Medical Claims

In the case of medical treatments received from non SOCSO’s panel clinics, employees or employers are eligible to make reimbursement of medical claims, subject to such condition as maybe determined by the Organisation.

Claims need to be supported with the following documents:

  1. Claim for medical treatments (Form PKS (P) 24)
  2. Claim for general expenses (Form PKS (P) 26)
  3. Original receipts
  4. A copy of the Appointment Card
  5. A copy of the medical report (if needed)

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